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splash screen and opening animation

In that time, AirCombat II was the most popular combat simulation on NEC PC-9801 series. It is a casual simulation for beginners. Flayable aircraft are 15 different type including F-14 and F-15.


mission selection
The package contains a 60 page manual, a key map and 2 floppy disks.
The two flopy drives are necessary to play as it is impossible to install on the Hard Drive.
The main menu has three modes: FLIGHT MODE, VIDEO MODE and UTILITY.
In the FLIGHT MODE, the player can select any mission from 8 different type, and each type has 3 defferent level. The palyer has to complete varios missions sach as airsuperiority, interception, bombing, attack ship, etc..
Playable aircraft are F-14, F-15E, F-16, F/A-18, YF-22A, YF-23A, TORNADO, F-117A, JAS39, F-4, MIG-29, Su-27, MIG-21, Rafale, MIG-31.
In the VIDEO MODE, the player can edit and play some video of recorded missions.
In the UTILITY, the player can change key map.

aircraft selection

keyboard customization

Avionics and weapon

The cockpit consists of a HUD and three MFDs, the left MFD for an automatic tracking camera, the center MFD for a omnidirectional RADAR, the right MFD for system status.
All aircraft use same cockpit.
The Cockpit of the Air combat2 (21KB) Click to full size
Cockpit from AirCombat II
(fighting against a F-14)
Weapon select (13KB) Click to full size


Screen resolution is 640~400 pixels and 16 colors.
It was a improvement on a predecessor Yugeki-oh II.
Carrier Landing from the Air combat2 (21KB) Click to full size
Carrier landing from AirCombat II
Carrier Landing from the Yugekioh II (17KB) Click to full size
Carrier landing from Yugeki-oh II

Flight Model

Level Flight Enverope
Flight envelope from AirCombat II
The feeling of control is as same as Yugeki-oh II.
The shape of level flight envelope is far different from real aircraft.
The aircraft is automaticaly commanded nose down by its flight control system if aircraft fly over 16000 or 17000m.


AirCombat II makes a feature of the VIDEO MODE.
It is not the so-called ACMI. The main perpose is to fun to edit scenes and replay as a kind of movie.
Video Menu (12KB) Click to full size
Video menu
Replay (13KB) Click to full size
(Launching YF-23. Su-27s in background)

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