AirCombat II scenario collection

Launched F-04Ds from the NI-ZYO land Aircraft carrier (4KB)

This collection includes new aircrafts and missions for AirCombat II.


The package contains a 20 page manual and a floppy disk.
mission selection
mission selection
aircraft andweapon selection
aircraft and weapon selection

For playable, F-20, A-7, A-10, T-4, FSX, B-2 and MI-C.A.D.O. III are added and F/A-18, YF-23A, F-117, JAS39, F-4, MIG-21 and MIG-31 are deleted.

F-20 TigerShark (2K)
F-20 TigerShark
T-4 (2K)
FSX with canard (2K)
FSX with canard
F-04D MI-C.A.D.O.III (2K)

The player can select any mission from 8 different type, and each type has 3 defferent level. But last two missions are contimuation of Yugeki-oh II.

fighting against the flying Battle ship

fighting against a monster

Flight Model

Level Flgiht Envelope
F-20 and FS-X have same envelope.
The only F-04D looks like realistic.

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